Saltiest Countries

  1. Mexico is the biggest exporter of salt.
  2. USA is the biggest importer of salt.
  3. Salt is the 931st most traded product and the 3,906th most complex product traded.

You won't get far on the internet (or in the real world) without someone referring to someone else being salty. You also don't get very far on the internet without people claiming citizens from certain countries are extra salty. Well, I'm here to put the accusations to rest. I looked up the biggest exporters of salt.

Here are your biggest exporters of salt:

  1. Mexico - $303M
  2. Australia - $300M
  3. Netherlands - $265M
  4. Germany - $187M
  5. India - $162M
  6. Chile - $151M
  7. USA - $141M
  8. Canada - $116M
  9. China - $89M
  10. France - $65M

And, in case you were curious, here are the largest importers of salt:

  1. USA- $404M
  2. Japan - $327M
  3. Germany - $162M
  4. China - $119M
  5. South Korea - $117M
  6. Belgium-Luxembourg - $95M
  7. Russia - $84M
  8. France - $73M
  9. United Kingdom - $66M
  10. Norway - $59M


  1. Interestingly, there are various data sets on estimating salt exports. However, the most recent data (from the most reputable source) came from MIT's Observatory of Economic Complexity.

Extra Stuff

  1. MIT's Observatory of Economic Complexity Data on Salt

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